Save a Forest: Print Your Emails


Well-intentioned email taglines inspired by sincere desire to help the planet have become ubiquitous in recent
times: “Please don’t print this email,” “Save trees: Print only when necessary,” or “Please consider the
environment before printing this email.”
However, the World Wildlife Fund has taken this to the extreme with a new nonprintable electronic document.
Patterned after the highly successful PDF (Portable Document Format) that has revolutionized electronic
document sharing and storage, the WWF format takes the decision away from you.
This tact is sure to frustrate and increase inefficiency, leaving some saying, “Wait a minute, I really needed to
print that document!”What many folks don’t realize is that it also may indirectly hasten the conversion of forests
to other uses like strip malls, parking lots and housing developments—because the nation’s forest landowners
can’t keep growing trees without markets for this natural, organic and renewable product.
Chuck’s email tagline reads: “Notice:…

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